Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Celebration 2022 – Sunday, Jan. 16

Celebrate the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the annual service to honor him sponsored by Christ the King Lutheran Church, Islamic Association Cary Mosque, Beth Shalom Synagogue, ELCA Triangle Conference, Cary Area Ministerial Alliance and the Town of Cary Dreamfest program. This year the service takes place on Sunday, Jan. 16, starting at 3:30 p.m., as a hybrid online/in-person service at Christ the King Lutheran Church and live-streamed on Christ the King Lutheran Church – Cary, NC – YouTube.

Clergy from Jewish, Muslim and Christian traditions will offer prayers and reflections. This year’s guest preacher is Rev. CeCe Mills, an African-American Lutheran pastor on the North Carolina ELCA Synod staff. The event is free and open to the public. (Face masks are required if attending in person.)

The Role of Christian Churches in the Devastating Legacy of Indian Boarding Schools: An Invitation to Heal a Broken Place in our Shared History

During the 19th and into the 20th century, Native American children were forced or pressured to attend Christian and government-run boarding schools or day schools. The purpose was to “kill the Indian and save the man.”

The churches may have taken on this mission with the best of intentions, given their shared beliefs at the time. But in fact, the schools carried out a deliberate policy of ethnocide and cultural genocide. Children were punished for speaking their native languages, banned from conducting traditional or cultural practices, shorn of traditional clothing and identity of their native culture. Many were sent far from their homelands and cut off from their family. Most were taught that their culture and traditions were evil and sinful, and taught that they should be ashamed of being Native American. Countless children were treated with neglect. Some were abused physically, sexually, and psychologically.

What Churches Can Do To Help

Join the Coalition as an ally at

Conduct and disseminate research on your denomination’s involvement as operators, promoters, managers, teachers, and funders of Indian boarding schools.

Through processes of reflection and repentance, develop and adopt official statements of acknowledgement and apology.

In consultation with the Coalition and the affected Native communities, take appropriate actions to make amends.

Call on Congress and the President to establish a National Commission to learn the truth about the historic and ongoing impacts of the boarding schools on Native families, and recommend actions that support truth, reconciliation, and healing.

Taking Action

Many churches and religious organizations around the world have already started to take action. Here is a resolution adopted by the ELCA (2016): “Repudiation of the Doctrine of Discovery.”

Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Celebration 2021 – Sunday, Jan. 17

We will celebrate the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at our annual service to honor him sponsored by the Triangle Conference of the NC Lutheran Synod. This year the service takes place online, on Sunday, Jan. 17, starting at 3:30 p.m., live-streamed on Christ The King Lutheran Church’s YouTube channel.

This year’s guest preacher is Rev. Brenda Smith, Director of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America’s Book of Faith Initiative, who will participate from Chicago via video. Special music will be provided by a small Gospel ensemble from Pleasant Grove Church of Cary and by Dr. Abraham Cáceres of Vicky Gallagher will present the “Virtual MLK Experience”, which she leads at N.C. State University. This year’s celebration is also sponsored by Beth Shalom Synagogue, the Islamic Association/Cary Mosque, the Town of Cary, and the Cary Area Ministerial Alliance.

The event is free and open to the public.

Building Independence 2021

This is a belated follow-up to a planning meeting at which Habitat For Humanity of Wake County discussed an upcoming build project in collaboration with Lutheran Services Carolinas and The Serving Cup to build two new homes for independent housing of six developmentally disabled adults.

These houses will be built at Kirk Avenue, near Lake Wheeler Road. Habitat Wake and the “Lutheran Coalition” will substantially finance and construct these houses. When I first posted this, the projected starting date was to be mid-January, 2021. Soon afterward, it became apparent that LSC and TSC need a lot more planning time than was first anticipated, therefore the more likely starting date for building will be in the Fall of 2021.

The Lutheran Coalition consists of 9 Wake County congregations, and the financial commitment apparently expected is a pooled total of about $65,000. The nature of volunteering on a construction site has changed from past practices, because of government and church guidelines responding to the coronavirus pandemic. I can’t adequately describe the volunteering information in this post, so please check it out at the coalition’s website shown in the next paragraph.

Habitat Wake has created a participation website for additional information and ongoing updates at

Peace Booth at the 2020 N. C. State Fair

“Know Justice, Know Peace”

This is the 70th year of sponsoring a Peace Booth at the State Fair! The peace booth gives state fair visitors the opportunity to learn about viable alternatives to militarism and the violence so extensively used by individuals and nations. However, this is the first time since 1945 that the annual fair itself has been canceled and there can be no visitors to a booth on the grounds.

The Peace Booth will still go on, but this year virtually, and with no gate admission charge. Please visit the 2020 Virtual Peace Booth web page for online activities for Peace Booth friends, old and new.

The Peace Booth steering committee would particularly like supporters to share thoughts about the theme, “Know Justice, Know Peace”, in the website guestbook and in your own social media platforms. They have especially invited Lutherans to contribute on Monday, Oct. 19, Lutheran Peace Fellowship’s customary day of volunteer service in the booth at the Fair—although the virtual Peace Booth is already open for visiting.

Workshop Announcement: Developing Culturally-Sensitive Leaders

John Fleming has circulated a poster [2019-1116 FINAL Flyer-Culturally Sensitive Leaders Training w-link & QR Code] announcing this workshop at Christ The King on Saturday, Nov. 16 in Nagle Hall. It is part of the CTK Advocacy Team’s current study of Race and Racism Sunday School series. Members of our congregations (especially Social Ministry/Social Justice committee members) are invited. Lunch will be provided, and registration is free. (Sign up online by Nov. 13 or earlier; links for doing that are in the attachment.)


  1. The soon-to-come “Holy Closure” of Joy of Discovery Mission has been set for 3:30 pm, June 23, 2019 at 2325 Garner Road (signage says “Alpha Kappa Alpha, Inc.” sorority house). All are invited to participate.
  2. We are organizing a business meeting of Wake Lutheran Peace Fellowship, probably at Grace Lutheran, 5010 Six Forks Road, Raleigh. We will be contacting people offline to gauge interest in participation and help us decide on a date for this meeting. Once it is scheduled we will add it to our calendar. (The top choices as I announce this are July 18 or July 25, both of which are Thursday evenings.)